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Actons streets saved from 40,000 chewing gum pieces

Ealing Council

More than 40,000 pieces of chewing gum have been kept off Acton's streets thanks to responsible residents who have taken part in an Ealing Council campaign.

In the last 18 months posters have been displayed in Acton town centre for people to stick their gum on instead of dropping it on the ground.

Some of the posters, called Gum Targets, encourage people to vote on topics such as smoking, by sticking their gum according to their preferences.

Now, Ealing Council is looking for residents' ideas on what to put on the boards to entice others to use them.

For example these could be questions on local issues such as recycling, or national questions such as should the minimum age for voting be reduced from 18 to 16.

Alternatively, these could be more light-hearted questions such as a vote for the best ever England football player or favourite pop star.

The council will aim to regularly publish the results of any new Gum Target surveys based on ideas from residents.

Councillor John Delaney, cabinet member for streets and environment, said: "I think everyone in Acton will be delighted to hear this scheme has been so successful.

"We all know how irritating it is to get chewing gum stuck on your shoes and clothes. Also, pavements become so disgusting when they are covered in gum.

"I now look forward to hearing people's suggestions on what to put on the target boards. Hopefully, there will be some great ideas which will lead to this scheme becoming even more successful."

The Gum Targets are produced by Meteora Limited, which also regularly replaces the gum-covered posters with fresh ones.

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