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GUM Targets stretching to new limits...

Swansea City Centre

The successful City Centre environmental initiative continues to encourage people to dispose responsibly of gum litter.

Since its implementation in the City Centre, the gum targets initiative has successfully reduced the amount of gum litter visible on paved areas in the City Centre. Some gum facts...

  • Pedestrians walking on it squash it flat so that each piece can cover up to 5cm. Over time it takes on a dirty grey colour and because it degrades very slowly it can remain in place for many years.
  • It's both difficult and costly for local authorities to remove gum from streets. It is estimated it costs local councils in the UK £150m a year to tackle the problem. Even after a specialist removal campaign often the problem is found to be just as bad six months later.
  • Cleaning up gum by high-pressure jet washes can damage paving stones and weaken the grout.
  • In Swansea, on average there are 20 pieces of gum on each paving slab in the main streets in the City Centre.

The City Centre Clean Team work hard to ensure that the 40 targets are maintained and have clean target sheets on them.

The recent success has been noticed by local schools and staff at City Centre Partnership, working with the target provider and school staff and pupils, have realised the delivery of this project into Dylan Thomas Community School and Bishop Gore. Good Luck!

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