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Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Council and Meteora Limited are leading the way in the national fight against littered chewing gum, with the successful GumTarget(TM) Initiative.

Last week at the Urban Summit in Birmingham, Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, spoke of the importance of keeping urban spaces clean and cited chewing gum as one of the worst forms of litter. Sheffield City Council is one of a select few sites in the UK currently piloting the GumTarget initiative, which offers an alternative way to dispose of chewing gum.

GumTarget attaches to walls, lamp-posts and railings and is designed specifically to have chewing gum stuck to it. Printed on the front of every GumTarget is something or someone that people who want to discard their gum can satisfyingly stick it to! GumTarget is a fun place to deface. The printed images are changed regularly to encourage continued enthusiasm and use of the product.

GumTargets have become a well-used fixture in selected sites in Sheffield, in a bid to reduce gum pollution and raise awareness of the associated problems. Early indications show that the scheme is proving as popular and successful in Sheffield as it has done in Bournemouth, where GumTargets are collecting in excess of 1,700 pieces of gum per week.

Cllr Gill Furniss, Cabinet Member for Development, Environment, and Leisure, explains: " The Council recognises the importance of litter-free streets and are working towards a green and clean environment. We are aiming to raise awareness of gum as litter and are extremely encouraged by the early results of our GumTarget pilot sites. The public have demonstrated their acceptance of this method of disposal by depositing a large amount of gum on the conveniently located GumTargets."

Ian Kenyon, Business Development Director of Meteora Limited said: "None of us like to feel that we live in an untidy, unkempt environment, however we must take personal responsibility for litter. It is extremely pleasing to see how responsible Sheffield's gum chewers have been in adopting the GumTarget initiative for the disposal of their chewed gum. Through active partnership we are raising awareness of gum as litter and encouraging responsible disposal."

GumTarget is a part of Sheffield City Council's ongoing campaign to rid the city centre of chewing gum. The City Centre Management Team has so far cleaned 27,000 square metres of paving in order to create a cleaner city centre.

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