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School targets chewing gum

Swansea City Centre

The scheme which has already proved a success in the city centre is aimed at encouraging gum chewers to deposit their gum on special boards The front of the GumTarget carries pictures and messages aimed at capturing the attention of gum chewers and encouraging them to dispose of their gum responsibly.

Jayne Jones, Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator Bishop Gore School said, "As part of the new Key Stage three course a group of Year eight pupils undertook an audit to establish suitable places in the school for the Gum Targets. They have also designed posters to use in the future to personalise the scheme"

It's hoped that by becoming involved in the project and encouraging responsible disposal of the gum it will also encourage them to get rid of their gum responsibly in public.

It is estimated the problem of chewing gum costs local authorities in the UK about £150million per year.

Nicola Parkinson, from the City Centre Partnership said, "We're really pleased that more schools are coming on board with the GumTargets that have been such a success in our city centre. We would be more than happy to help other schools to take up the opportunity.

"Chewing gum can be a blight on the environment but by helping to change children's attitudes in the long-term towards dropping gum on the streets it will lead to a reduction in pollution and costs."

The GumTargets were first introduced in Swansea city centre in 2005 at several locations including Oxford Street, Wind Street and the Kingsway and have been hailed as an outstanding success.

Meteora Limited

Meteora Limited is the award winning company behind the innovative GumTarget(TM) Chewing Gum Initiative. Meteora's dedicated team, focuses on litter prevention and awareness, this initiative is gathering momentum as gum features highly on the list of public annoyances following dog fouling and drug users needles. The appearance of chewing gum litter in an otherwise well kept space gives the illusion of littering, whilst removal of chewing gum in the UK alone costs in the region of £150 million per year.

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