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Gum campaign to target schools

Stevenage Council

The highly successful Gum Target* campaign has been extended into Stevenage schools.

The scheme, that we introduced in the town centre, encourages gum chewers to put their gum on a special disposal board called a Gum Target, instead of dropping it on the ground.

We are pleased with the positive effect of the Gum Targets in the town centre and are now encouraging schools to adopt the initiative.

So far Marriotts School has done just this and others are set to follow their lead. Littered chewing gum is a real problem in the UK with recent research showing that almost all of Britain's towns and cities are affected.

Executive Councillor for Environment and E-Government, Richard Henry said: "Our town centre is significantly cleaner since we introduced the Gum Targets and it is pleasing to see schools embracing this scheme. Just one piece of chewing gum dropped on the ground costs an average of 30 pence to remove, so cleaning it up is an expensive business.

Anything that can help reduce this problem while also promoting environmental awareness amongst young people is a valuable initiative."

*The Gum Target initiative was developed by award winning company Meteora Limited, which focuses on litter prevention and awareness.

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