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Beware of ghouls, ghosts and gum this Halloween

Chesterfield's latest gum campaign has proved a hit with many chewers who have chosen to stick their chewed gum on a target instead of dropping it on the floor and staining our streets.

Chesterfield Borough Council decided to take a new approach to littered chewing gum by becoming involved in the GumTarget initiative. This encourages responsible disposal of used chewing gum by raising awareness and encouraging chewers to dispose of their gum on special disposal boards called GumTargets (picture attached).

Instead of waiting until chewers drop their gum and then sending in the cleaners, chewers are encouraged to stick their gum onto a GumTarget where it is contained and then removed and disposed of BEFORE it becomes a problem on the street.

Cllr Keith Morgan, the Borough's Lead Member for Environmental Services, said: "They've only been in place for a couple of weeks but a massive amount of chewing gum has already been collected by the GumTargets, reducing the amount of carelessly discarded gum on the streets.

"Over time, this will help us to maintain the appearance of the town centre and hopefully reduce the costs of specialist cleansing services."

"Because of its sticky nature, chewing gum on the ground is a problem. It does not come up with the usual clean and is expensive to remove. We want to tackle the problem before it becomes a problem on the street."

Ian Kenyon of Meteora Limited - the company behind the GumTarget solution said: "These results are excellent and we would like to thank Chesterfield chewers for choosing to reduce gum pollution in this way.

"We hope to raise awareness and encourage responsible disposal and it seems the people of Chesterfield are happy to support their council in the fight against gum litter. It is gratifying to see the public adopting this disposal method so readily."

Chesterfield's campaign against gum litter has also included advertising on local billboards, phone boxes and buses. 'Wrap it' papers and advertising on bus tickets were also used to encourage people to dispose of their gum responsibly.

Gum Facts

  • Chewing gum is used by 28 million people in the UK
  • 1 billion packs of gum are sold in the UK every year
  • 92% of cities are affected by chewing gum litter
  • Chewing gum takes five years to bio-degrade

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